Fostering Crypto Adoption

The next wave of crypto adoption has a new place to call home. Burst.Money is setting out to reach new heights of crypto adoption by the masses.

$BURST - A New Concept of Money

Cross Chain

Burst is designed to be interoperable and not chained to one network, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are currently supported with more to come.


Burst is a feature-rich DeFi platform with simplicity at its core. With attractive offerings in a refined package that can be embraced by new investors and crypto veterans alike.

Automatic LP

$BURST features a clever auto-lp feature, sending 5% of every transaction to the liquidity pool, ensuring a healthy market depth in relation to market cap at all times. Burst will remain a self-sustainable project due to its automatic liquidity tax which adds 5% to the liquidity pool on every $BURST trades.

Reflection Rewards

Every time $BURST tokens are transferred in a trade or transaction, 3% of the tokens are sent to all holders. Holders are rewarded just for holding and being a part of the ecosystem.

Millions, not Quadrillions

There are 31 million $BURST tokens, no confusing high token supplies. Instead of crushing decimals, $BURST holders can expect to add zero’s, making for token values that read easy.


Burst keeps its community at its core. The Burst community is all-inclusive and borderless, Burst holders are asked to join the platforms cause of arming the world with DeFi and helping them take control of their finances.

Secure Multi-Chain Non-Custodial Wallet

Be your Own Bank

Using Burst is as second nature as riding a bike, the Burst wallet combines flagship security standards, while streamlining UI’s to be as intuitive as possibe to users. With the goal of banking the unbanked, and empowering people through blockchain the Burst platform brings cutting edge financial technologies to new adopters in a package that is palatable to new and old users alike.

Cross Chain - Burst Swaps

Burst offers cross chain swaps directly on the platform. By automatically comparing an extensive and ever increasing list of markets, users are automatically fed the best possible deals for their crypto swaps, even across chains. Burst brings these swaps in an ultra refined package and wallet directly to users in one place, hassle free.

A New Way to NFT

The cryptosphere has exploded with NFT’s and they have taken the spotlight of crypto news, and mainstream outlets alike. Burst gives users exposure to these exploding assets through an NFT marketplace. Burst and third-party NFT’s will be able to be traded for $BURST.

  • NFT Market Place
  • NFT Mint
  • Open NFT Market
  • Slick UI

Burst NFT Market Place

Users will be able to trade or auction NFT’s directly on Burst. Users will immediately be able to trade their NFT assets. As the underlying technology matures, the marketplace can be expected to hold assets such as tickets to events and partial ownership rights to a rare car, along with the digital media we see dominating today.

Burst NFT Mint

Create digital representation of any of your creatives, artwork, video, music or anything.

Earn rewards when you list your minted NFT's to the Open NFT Market.

Open NFT Market Place

Burst open NFT market place is a great way to scout for NFT's with future potentials, more details on Open NFT Market place will be published soon before it's launch.

Modern & Super Slick Interface

Burst platforms and market place comes with a very lovable and slick UI which you will love. Stay tuned!

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